Your own data-driven platform for real-time consumer engagement.

Create, manage and activate your data throughout the consumer lifecycle and conversion funnel wether it's media, content, experient, on-site, off-site and in campaigns.

We deliver outstanding insight, targeting and personalization capabilities in a single box.

No more struggle to integrate many vendors and technologies and get learnings and data to pass to each one. Avandor is all in one.

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Plus access to free 3rd-party data coming from your own ecosystem.

We facilitate cross-brand and cross-industry data cooperation. Avandor clients can easily share data across accounts to bring more insights through 2nd party data, thus making each client's data smarter.

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36 different use-cases supported natively

Publishers earn more revenue and compete better with global giants.

  • create data in new ways and sell it directly or through exchanges
  • personalize their sites to engage their users better
  • deliver detailed campaign audience reports to advertisers and agencies
  • target banners ads, native and mobile ads
  • sell personalized custom projects or advertorials
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Brands reduce waste, own their data and adapt to each customer.

  • understand response and conversion from different audience segments
  • improve content marketing through insight
  • cherrypick audiences on guaranteed inventory and non-programmatic
  • retarget users and find similar ones
  • Run multiple campaigns on the same media inventory
  • Personalize content and experience on sites
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Upcoming event:

Avandor is the stream partner for the Data & Metrix scene at DIGIT.EMEA in Istanbul

Istanbul, November 18-19

Our CEO is going to be on the stage to talk about the various use-cases data supports these days, beyond programmatic buying.

Come see our presentation and meet the team on November 18-20 in lovely Istanbul, and use a great opportunity to get to know each other.

Recent news:

80% lift in response for BMW combining their 1st party with publisher 2nd party data and with Avandor lookalike modeling

Bucharest, October 2015

After deploying the public DMP last year, Avandor launched its full data-driven marketing platform on the Romanian market.

Bucharest, October 2015

Second largest cable television operator in Romania goes live with Avandor DMP and site personalization.

Bucharest, September 2015

For more information or a demo call +4072 893-9780 or get in touch.