Respect your user's choices and rights:

User Consent + Tag Manager in one box.

= true GDPR compliance

Asking users is quite easy. Respecting their choices is the important part...

GDPR compliance has brought a lot of pain to companies dealing with European citizens' data and forced everyone to be responsible with the tracking and data gathering. And beware, some sites are simply faking compliance by asking users for consent and then ignoring it.

Sadly (and now illegally), most companies continue to drop tracking codes from various companies even if the user has expressedly denied consent for this. What happens on your site if a user refuses tracking?

There are situations where a user simply wants to avoid their data to be collected and processed by a specific company (that you happen to use on your own properties without knowing) Can your users prevent you from using specific companies on them?

Introducing Avandor Consent Manager, the tag manager that actually respects users' consent:

Avandor Consent Manager will only drop tags, pixels or scripts on a page after receiving the appropriate consent from the user.

Without user's consent the apps won't even start.

Sounds pretty simple but you'd be amazed how many sites fail at this and are in default of their legal obligations ☻

We've been working hard to deliver a tool that would help you manage your user's consent without effort and respect your user's rights:

  • asks and remembers consent from each of your European users (or all if you wish)
  • notifies users of changes in your data policy and asks for additional consent if needed
  • consistent across multiple sites
  • shares consent with your site and other applications
  • drops tags and pixels only if users allow it
  • consent for multiple purposes collected at once
  • allows users to control individually purposes, apps or vendors
  • ability to set some apps/vendors/purposes as mandatory
  • automatic discovery of cookies and technologies to allow for fast, easy addition to your users' attention
  • plenty of reporting
  • multi-language support (we know, this is pretty basic but also needed)

Getting consent via Avandor Consent Manager also means:

  • tons of popular applications and companies already described with essential information:
    • what data is collected
    • where is the data stored and for how long
    • what does the application do
    • vendor privacy policy, etc.
  • adds users to your newsletter or register on site
  • collect and update user's data in one place
  • centralized place to ask consent for multiple applications
  • decrease the hassle of responding to data access requests
  • you can also think if it as your consent-enabled digital CRM

Integration is simple and hassle-free...

There's an enterprise version with advanced features...

For more information or a demo simply call +4072 893-9780 or get in touch by email.