The public DMP for connected ecosystems.

We help publishers and brands safely build and use a cooperative data pool, that's free of charge.

There is strength in unity. On top of that, in our experience, the data most clients usually need comes best from a whole different industry. This is why we have created and are now operating a public data management platform, for the benefit of all our clients that share our vision.

All Avandor clients have the option to contribute some low-value data while keeping their high-value 1st-party data private. In doing so they usually get access to a lot more insights and a great value for each data point they share with the public DMP.

By participating, all clients get for free:

300+ free new metrics

For each consumer, on top of any existing client 1st or 2nd party data, Avandor will add up to 300 additional 3rd-party metrics collected from accros the web. Think of the insights and targeting options you get.

Data on first-time visitors

Even though the client's DMP sees users for the first time, there are good chances the public Avandor DMP will already know something about them, allowing for proper targeting and optimization even without existing 1st party data.

Industry benchmarking

Without ever getting access to any client's data, this option gives possibility to assess how your website conversion or campaign's response is performing compared to the industry's average, min and max. Pretty useful when wanting to optimize, right?

Added scale to existing data

As the client's Avandor instance has access the the public DMP data, its audience lookalike modeling feature can use all available metrics to expand the reach based on the profile of clients in the 1st party audience data. Each interaction is measured across hundreds of metrics, so there's never shortage of insight.

Audience Research

Find out how many people you can reach that fit a given profile or look like your top converting customers. Also what are they interested in, which types of content they consume and a lot more.

Content research

Find out what various sites write about, what content type is more consumed and what's a probable audience profile for 100,000's of websites in the ecosystem. Also access detailed search functionalty to learn which websites cover specific things.

Avandor Data Exchange (Public DMP) is only available in specific markets, but we're doing our best to expand it rapidly to other markets.

For more information or a demo simply call +4072 893-9780 or get in touch by email.