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120% lift in response for home-deco retail chain

Use-case: dynamic creatives with manual targeting on guaranteed media

Context: For the Christmas campaign of this large retailer, Avandor was loaded with 9 different creatives from 4 different campaigns. The campaign ran on 100+ websites and Avandor would chose what to display to each user based on a given targeting and frequency capping.

Result: The average response (clickthrough rate) on banners that have been matched by Avandor was 2.5 times higher than the control group (displayed randomly or static), gaining an overall 120% lift in the overall response in a very busy period.

2.5x conversion rate for affiliate marketing

Use-case: online publisher looking to monetize remnant inventory through affiliate marketing

Context: For a longer period of time, this publisher was using Avandor's predictions to display banners from an affiliate network to their users. The challenge was to obtain better eCPM than other monetization options available.

Result: We measured the conversion rate inside the affiliate network's dashboard for a longer period of time, and compared to their previous results. The response rate (CTR%) was 80% bigger, but the biggest lift came on conversion rate (3 times more).

30% more traffic for publisher network

Use-case: online publisher looking cross-promote content across its digital properties

Context: This publisher network uses Avandor to recommend articles in widgets spread across all its digital properties. The objective is to provide users with relevant articles to keep them engaged with any of their properties.

Result: Over a period of 6 months, the data-driven widgets brought 30% more traffic to the respective publisher network.

Zero waste for luxury automotive brand

Use-case: audience buying + segmented dynamic creatives.

Context: A luxury automotive brand needed to raise interest and consideration among their target demographic and generate quality leads for drive tests.

Result: Avandor hand-picked specific audience segments from a run-on-network campaign across 3 publishers and delivered two personalized creatives, lifting response (CTR) by 120%

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