A technology and a data hub that connects your brand with the others

There are many great platforms out there and we clearly overlap with many other platforms out there, such as DMPs, DSPs, personalization and targeting solutions.

Our ambition is to deliver the best mix of technology and data and remove the integration hassles. We strive to craft inside the Avandor stack only the most relevant and useful features that make sense to our clients and get them all to work together nicely. This is how we're different

1. Not just a DMP

Even though Avandor runs two DMPs (private + public) at is core it is not limited to DMP functionality, as we integrate various features to activate the data even outside advertising.

2. Not just media buying

Most data-driven solutions out there focus on programmatic media buying but stop at displaying the right ad at the right time. We take things a step further and continue the data-driven activation on the website, recommended products and the overall user experience.

3. Avandor leverages data cooperation into a public DMP.

We create and maintain a public pool of consumer data by ingesting and anonymising huge amounts of information. This data is used to enrich every client's data with insights collected from the web including data on first-time visitors, cross-industry insights, behavioral, demographic and intent information.

Access to this huge 3rd-party data optional and FREE to all clients who contribute to its creation.

4. Not a data seller

Avandor is a technology vendor. We do not charge for the value inside the data you get, but simply a technology cost to keep the servers running smoothly. Think of Avandor as a SaaS platform that deals with technology and lets the others monetize the value of data.

5. Not selling media

Most data owners package it through sale of their inventory. Avandor does not own any media inventory but allows any premium publisher to sell targeted audiences with data existing in the ecosystem, while providing at the same time a level of standardization of data.

6. All bits talk to each other

It's usually hard to get different ad-tech platforms to talk to each other to allow data, insights and learnings to flow in real time. Avandor was build with this requirement in mind, allowing for live cross-campaign optimization.

7. Open for integration

Avandor can do a lot of things but each client decides what they want to use Avandor for. If you have existing tools for data activation or insights, you can just use the bits you need from Avandor and we'll integrate with your desired platfom (adservers, DSPs, DMPs, etc)

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