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  • company → Kissmetrics (US)
  • operates as → processor
  • app type → analytics
  • app purpose → analytics


Kissmetrics’ collection and analysis of Client User Data helps our Clients to evaluate and understand how their users are interacting with their websites, and potentially, to modify their websites in order to make them more valuable or useful for their users. Kissmetrics’ Clients determine the types of Client User Data that are sent to Kissmetrics’ servers for analysis. This data may include or be linked to Personally Identifiable Information depending on how the Client uses Kissmetrics’ Services on its website(s). Kissmetrics’ Clients are contractually prohibited from sending personally sensitive Client User Data (e.g. personal health information, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs) to Kissmetrics and Kissmetrics does not knowingly receive such data. In addition, Kissmetrics may collect certain information about a Client’s visitor’s computer that may be provided by the visitor’s browser. This includes browser information, operating system information, mobile device information, IP address, time of visit, and the referring site, application, or service. Such information may be collected and shared with the Kissmetrics Client even though not specifically requested by the Client.

Processed data:

device.info, geolocation, ip.plain, session.cookies, functional.cookies, session.source

Data Handling:

private, statistical, later, dnt

About Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a customer engagement automation platform designed to help you truly understand the behaviors of your customer base and drive higher levels of engagement. We combine the power of behavioral analytics with automated email campaigns to give you the best shot possible and driving growth across the entire customer journey.

  • country: US
  • certifications: privacyshield
  • related companies: N/A
  • data handling: private, statistical, later, dnt

Avandor Consent uses the above information to automatically detect most popular applications running on our client's websites (alongside cookies and other technologies) and to display this information to the user, to provide the right to be informed about all data processing.

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Disclaimer: This information is based on our own industry knowledge, interviews conducted with various technology companies, information found publicly as well as vendor's privacy policies. If you believe any information to be inaccurate or have any questions regarding this page, please get in touch

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