Everything you need to collect, analyze and activate your data.

We cover everything from finding the right customers, delivering the right message, showing the optimal landing page content and using the right experience in doing so. Moreover, we track clicks, conversions, engagement, viewability and also calculate attribution across multiple campaigns and channels.

And, of course, all the data goes right into the client's private DMP and can be analyzed and reused in new sites/campaigns to come.

Data collection & processing

1st party data collection

  • website usage
  • mobile application usage
  • offline data
  • tracks clicks on brand links
  • email link tracking
  • supports 3rd party identifiers
  • integrates with CRM and other tools

Audience segmentation

  • time-based segments
  • automatic assignation to segments
  • manual definition of new segments
  • predictive segments
  • lookalike modeling
  • activity-based insights

2nd party data usage

  • brands can exchange access to data
  • unified metrics accross the entire ecosystem
  • access to specific targeting metrics
  • all reports include 2nd party data

Consumer profiling

  • maintains profile for each user
  • profiles evolve over time
    (keeping up with client's current interests)
  • rule-based extrapolation engine
    understand consumer-brand lifecycle
  • records all consumer-brand interactions

Cross-channel data activation

Targeting capabilities

  • audience-buying from publishers
  • integrates with programmatic buying platforms (DSPs)
  • uses other 3rd party data
  • complex retargeting patterns across any media inventory

Audience Analytics

  • website audience
  • cross-brand/site unique audience
  • real-time campaign analytics
  • reach analysis
  • cross-channel attribution

Dynamic creatives

  • generates call-to actions and creatives on the fly
  • rule-based creative delivery
  • run several campaigns in one
  • format-agnostic, works on mobile and native
  • in-view creative event triggering

Website personalization

  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Learns who responds to which content
  • Recommends content and products
  • Allows experience targeting
    (including CSS, JS, native content)

Response Predictions

  • for each user, each creative, in real-time
  • predicts conversion and response rates
  • complex formula to base decisions

Machine learning

  • learns from all sources and channels
  • uses 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to learn
  • instant communication of learnings amongst running campaigns

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